Sunday, July 31, 2011

Giant Squid

Once a week they take him out and have him fight the giant shark.

Day Without Bungee Jumping

We all came out to the lake with plans to go bungee jumping. Sadly it was too windy and thus, bungee jumping was closed.

Luckily we were still prepared for a fine picnic.

Here are Megan and Leo playing badminton (did you know that's how it was spelled? I didn't). It appears that Leo is on his cell phone.

Here is Bin (formerly known as Handsome James) making out with a giant metal ant.

We took a walk through the park and found some hula-hoops.

James got VERY interested in the sport when Sinead gave it a whirl.

Man Date

I went out on a man date with James.

This is a chicken dish that I don't remember the name of. I like that it came with a splatter guard.

After dinner James and I went out for an ice cream sundae.

Here is Megan with a can of Confidence.

My thoughts exactly.

The pepper grinder broke on my breakfast.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ping Pong Room

In Korea close friends are made very quickly. Case in point; this is Sun Ki, whom we met yesterday at the singing room. Sun Ki is already our very good friend and has invited us to stay at his house near the beach.

For some reason Leo decided that this would be a perfect spot to pose for a picture. Maybe he can use the picture for the cover of his new album of love ballads.

Sun Ki took us to this ping pong room. According to Sun Ki, in the Korean military one plays table tennis everyday and as all Korean males are required to do 2 years of military service it would follow that most Korean men can hold their own at the ping pong table.

Unless you haven't done your military service yet (i.e. James and Leo).

Singing Room

 This is Megan and our new co-teacher Sinead in Seoul Square.

We made some new friends at restaurant. Our new friends suggested that we go to a singing room. As the name would suggest, a singing room is a room where you go to sing. This is our new friend Sun Ki, he is very nice and loves to sing.

 Actually, I guess we all love to sing.

 Here is James doing a rousing rendition of "Under The Sea".

Mixed Bag

 We spent about an hour wandering through back allies searching for this gallery.

 Many restaurants have large tanks out front so that you can pick the fish you want to eat. This is the only one we have seen with a giant shark though.

 I will let you try and figure this one out yourself.

Dumpling Steam